You don't need money to be happy.

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It is only you who can find meaning in your life and get to a place within yourself where you feel most happy and most fulfilled.

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I hit my goals despite the pandemic

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It’s simpler than you think

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  • Don’t check your phone for the…

Seek discomfort and you will start moving toward reaching the goals you desire most.

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People are much more united than I thought previously.

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“United we stand, divided we fall.”

Here’s what I’ve learned about people after the reopening.

I Can Feel People Smiling Under Their Masks

Most people wear masks now. In the grocery store, at the gym, and on public transit. But, we still smile. And I love that.

#4: Save a lot of money.

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Pouya Ahmadi

I write about happiness, money, finding prosperity, and living a fulfilling life ❤️ | Find me on Twitter: @TheRealAsch

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