It is only you who can find meaning in your life and get to a place within yourself where you feel most happy and most fulfilled.

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Hello, and let me start by saying thanks.

This is a pretty long article about my life story. And you might not have the time to read through it all, so I wanted to get this out of the way — thank you.

Thank you for being here, whether you saw this story and decided to click on it or you found it in the middle of all the other articles out there. Either way, thanks for clicking on it.

And thank you for being who you are.

We don’t hear that a lot, but I think it’s so vital…

I hit my goals despite the pandemic

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It’s been more than a year since the global pandemic started, and most of the world went into lockdown.

When the pandemic first started, I didn't think of it as much. I thought lockdowns would end in less than a month, and we’d be back to normal in no time.

Obviously, I was wrong.

My denial eventually led me down a path I didn’t like. I stopped exercising, ate like crap, and forgot all about my financial goals. But fast forward about a year, and I’ve got everything under control once again.

Here are some things that helped me hit…

If you actually learn the lesson in this piece, your life will change forever.

There are always people who will complain and blame others and society for their own incapacity. And you can't change those people's minds.

But if you're open minded and you can think beyond the scope of your beliefs, things start to change.

Accept this truth, and your life will change for the better: at the end of the day, it's your own beliefs that shape your reality. And you can escape your reality by shaping your thoughts. Think you can and you will, think you can't and you won't.

Thanks for sharing this piece Tim.

It’s simpler than you think

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Everyone talks about morning routines and how they can set you up for the perfect day. But that’s not the entire truth.

You see, there’s so much more to having a perfect day than just starting it right.

Morning routines are amazing and a good one will in fact set you up for success. But the rest of the day is just as important, if not more.

I’m guessing the following ideas look pretty familiar to you if you’ve read articles on morning routines before:

  • Don’t hit the snooze button when you wake up.
  • Don’t check your phone for the…

Seek discomfort and you will start moving toward reaching the goals you desire most.

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In January 2020, my car broke down and it cost me a couple thousand dollars to fix it up. At that time, I had saved up about $2000 in over a year’s time. And not only did I have to spend all of that to fix my car, but I also had to borrow some money for it too.

After I fixed the car, it broke down again and this time I didn’t have any more money to fix the car with.

So, it’s January 2020, I have no money, I have a credit card balance that I have to…

People are much more united than I thought previously.

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Before quarantine, I thought we were divided as a society.

But in the initial phases of reopening, I’ve realized I was wrong.

The reopening showed me that people can still come together and work toward reaching the same goal. It showed me that we can be united and that we can make a change when we’re all on the same page.

“United we stand, divided we fall.”

Here’s what I’ve learned about people after the reopening.

I Can Feel People Smiling Under Their Masks

Most people wear masks now. In the grocery store, at the gym, and on public transit. But, we still smile. And I love that.

#4: Save a lot of money.

Photo by Jeremy McKnight on Unsplash

I turned 20 on August 12, 2020. And going into 20 I decided to look back on my teen years and share some of the lessons I’ve learned from them.

I’ve made some accomplishments that I’m quite proud of for my age. My biggest accomplishment to date has been getting promoted to a sales position at the gym I work at.

I started working at the gym at the beginning of 2020 as a front desk associate and got promoted in about 7 months. …

I worked harder than anybody else and showed interest in the position I wanted to get promoted to.

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

If you’ve ever worked a minimum wage job, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of wanting to get a promotion and moving up to a higher position within your workplace.

This was the case for me when I started at my minimum wage job less than a year ago.

In January 2020, I started working at the gym I used to work out at, as a front desk associate.

I was responsible for checking people into the gym, folding towels, cleaning up the free weights section, talking to members, and anything else you’re expected to do as a minimum wage…

Medium is a rollercoaster for writers.

Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

I’ve been writing on Medium for 3 full months as of August 2020. And last month I hit the $10+ earnings goal that I had set for myself.

I made $18.48 to be exact.

Stop writing unoriginal articles and come up with creative ideas

Photo by Chris Spiegl on Unsplash

Medium curators hate unoriginal stories.

I say this because I’ve had more rejections over the past month than I’ve had in the past 3 months of writing. But I also happened to publish my best articles to date during the past month.

I started the month off with one of my stories getting curated for the first time and doing really well.

Then I did a reading challenge, and as a result, I wrote a mega 31-minute-read article that brought a lot of value to the community.

Then, the successes stopped and rejections starting piling on. I had a piece…

Pouya Ahmadi

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